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Interior wall painting includes caulking and small nail hole repair.  Before our team arrives, we ask that you please move items to the center of the room(s) to be painted, as well as take down any curtains, blinds, artwork, photos, clocks, etc.  We will then protect your furniture and floors with plastic and drop cloths.  We will caulk any openings we find between  baseboard, crown moulding and walls and fill nail holes.  If contracted to do any wall repair for major cracks or holes, this will be the time we fix irregularities.  After this wall preparation, we then begin the fun part - transforming your walls by applying beautiful color!  Since each project is unique, prices will vary.  An accurate, free estimate can be given with an on-site visit.

Color Consultation

​​Choosing a color can be extremely daunting for many people.  Our trained, professional eye can help you to avoid unnecessary mistakes and achieve the look and feel you envision.  Our consultation fee starts at $125 per hour, however, when you contract with Creative Palette Interiors, this consultation fee is included at no charge.

Pricing is a combination of space, needs and overall time spent completing the job.  As each project has its own unique requirements and specifications, please contact us directly to schedule an on-site estimate.

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